Zodi Hut Shower Privacy Enclosure

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Zodi i.hut shower enclosure #1077.jpg Zodi i-hut Shower Enclosure with detachable floor

The Zodi i.hut shower shelter is HUGE! Almost 4 feet wide per side! Most enclosures are tepee shaped and get smaller near the shoulders, not the i.hut. In fact the i.hut is almost 6 ft across at the top, which is good news for the big guys at camp. The door is overlapped and springs shut automatically without zippers that gum up with mud. The i.hut works great for showering, bathrooms and changing clothes in private. Oversized detachable floors keeps you clear of mud and dirt and makes clean-up a snap. Industrial quality with professional rated components. The i.hut is the best portable XL size shower enclosure available.

Price: $119.95
i.hut-canopy.jpg Zodi i.hut Shelter Canopy
The NEW Zodi i.hut Shelter Canopy is the perfect addition to the Zodi i.hut with the "U" shaped zippered door! The Canopy offers protection from the elements while still letting light in and maintaining ventalation of heat and odors. When the i.hut is positioned in low-lying areas, the Canopy also provides greater privacy. By design the Canopy ventilates heat and odors, lets light in and keeps you dry and sheltered from the elements.
Price: $34.95